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Centre Stage

The spotlight is on when you stage an event at Shanghai Centre's Theatre. The Theatre's professional management team and central location make it the natural choice for the best acts in Shanghai. From international music and dance productions to fashions shows, from corporate conferences to CEO addresses, Shanghai Centre played host to them all. Theatre professionals know that back of the house is often the key to a successful production, and at the Shanghai Centre Theatre, we take pride in our highly qualified staff, who works with you every step of the way; and our backstage crew that ensures your event will run like clockwork.

The prestigious 920- seat, split level theatre (682 seats in the main hall and 238 seats in the balcony), ensures that every seat is the "best seat in the house". With the value-added benefit of an on-site, professionally run ticketing centre and the dependability and comfort of the experienced management team, events at Shanghai Centre are an assured success.

Since 2007, Shanghai Centre has cooperated with the Shanghai International Art Festival Committee, Shanghai Int'l Jazz Festival, Shanghai's Spring International Music Festival Committee, Shanghai Peking & Kunqu Opera Art Centre, Shanghai Orchestra and Shanghai Puppet Theatre Troupe, to provide a wide variety of top-class performances.

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